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A cardiology and cardiac surgery research and development company

Cardio Innovative Systems is a cardiology and cardiac surgery research and development company set up in July 2009 as a French law SAS by Pr. Pierre Chastanier, biophysicist engineer and medical doctor, former Dean of the Saint Etienne Medical School, Scientific and former Adviser to the French “Institut National des Hautes Etudes de Sécurité et de Justice” (National Institute of Higher Safety Studies and Justice), and some friends, first class doctors, surgeons and specialists in innovation.
The company develops circulatory assistance devices likely to revolutionize current therapeutic practices in fields as different as cardiac surgery, interventional cardiology, intensive care, sport medicine, neurology, slowing of the ageing process and cosmetic medicine for commercialisation under licence by medical equipment manufacturers and distributors.
The company is the beneficiary of an exclusive worldwide license for  the exploitation in the medical field of a co-ownership of 10 patents of which Pr. P. Chastanier is the sole Administrator.
In collaboration with various university services, engineering schools and French and foreign hospitals, it has already developed prototypes, carried out in vitro and in vivo tests (experimental surgery) and industrial pre-development.
Its first licence sale (for pulsatile suits and masks and their control units) was in July 2011 to STENDO (a Cosmetics Valley cluster member) with which it cooperates to obtain marketing authorizations, staff training, implement complementary experiments, academic cooperation, publications   in congresses and more generally all services needed either in the context of the services provided under licence or as additionnal services its licensees may possibly  need.
The company currently has € 2 million in shareholders' equity, as well as support from BPIFrance and the FEDER, which enables it to continue its research program until the transition to industrials of the sector.
The products developed by Cardio Innovative Systems lie within the scope of the therapeutic applications of the fundamental discoveries concerning the operation of the vascular endothelium which won American pharmacologist Professor Furchgott the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998. .
Our Pulsatile devices (catheters, pipes, suits and their control units) restore either invasively or externally normal circulatory pulsatility after deterioration due to advanced cardiac insufficiency or ischemic vascular disorders. As we showed on an animal model (piglets). Pulsatile devices improve vascularisation and microcirculation extremely rapidly, a prelude to the restoration of endothelial functions and a durable return to good health.  

This concerns acute ischemic disorders of the myocardium, pulmonary or systemic arterial hypertension syndromes, acute right ventricular insufficiency, left ventricular assistance, disseminated vascular pathologies in particular in degenerative neurological or endocrinal diseases, sleep disorders, the preparation of top level athletes and the slowing of the ageing process for which one of our appliances or the combination of several of them seem to provide a surprisingly effective, reasoned, physiological, therapeutic solution.

The challenge we are confronting with our current collaborators and our industrial partners of tomorrow, thanks to new therapeutic devices combining micromechanics, electronics and biotechnologies is to restore the physiological functions of cardio-endothelial systems.

The Cardio Innovative Systems Company

We like what we do, and we do it well

Scientific Committee

Professor Pierre Chastanier
(cf. Steering Committee)
Professor Olivier Bailliart (cf. Steering Committee)
Professor Didier Payen de la Garanderie
Medical Doctor, Doctor of Human Biology, Anaesthetist-Resuscitator PUPH,
Head of Service at Lariboisière Hospital, Professor at the University of Paris VII.

Scientific Director

Docteur Martine Bailliart
Medical Doctor, Angiologist,
Research Director,
Coordinator of subcontracted research work
and scientific interventions to licensees.

Administrative Director

Béatrice Traineau,
Master of Business Administration
(Paris-Dauphine University)
Administrative and Accounting Manager

  • A simple enigma (1)

    Blood circulation is pulsatile and discontinuous, like water leaving a tap. This is the case in all animal species, from slow worms to primates. As this seems so obvious, nobody ever asks why?

    However, our body could not live if its blood circulation were continuous! The proof is the serious post-operative conditions observed after ECC (extracorporeal circulation) – which is continuous – even if ECC is only applied for a few hours during cardiac surgery..

    Pulsatile circulation, i.e. heart beats, is due to the fact that Nature has not evolved a continuous flow rotary pump as with such a device (where the axis is independent of the periphery) it is not possible to create the essential vascular-nervous continuity which makes the body work as a single unit (a living organism cannot exist as two separate parts).

  • Why does the heart beat? (2)

    During millions of years of evolution, our bodies adapted to the only possible circulatory mode and the various organisms developed their vascular regulation mechanisms to harness the benefits of this pulsatile flow (shearing forces) on vessel walls (the endothelium).

    Vascular endothelium cells react to each pulsatile pressure (beat) by excreting very many relaxation factors, including nitrogen monoxide, a powerful endogenous vasodilator, which control vessel diameters by relaxing smooth muscle fibres to adapt them to muscular needs.
    For example, when jogging, your pulse and breathing rate automatically accelerate and the vessels which bring the quantity of blood containing the nutriments and oxygen the muscles need to respond to this physical effort dilate, probably due to an increased excretion of nitrogen monoxide caused by the pulsatile beat of blood (shear stress) on the endothelium on the walls.

  • Why does the heart beat? (3)

    Although the discovery of this chemical transmitter won Furchgott, a pharmacologist, his Nobel Prize, he did not apply his findings to imagining circulatory assistance devices based on the capacity of an organism to manufacture exactly the right quantity of NO and other mediators to meet the needs of its cells.

    The innovation brought by CIS precisely meet these needs: they either stimulate externally (pulsatile suits, pipe) or internally (pulsatile catheter, Orthosis) where pulsatility appears insufficient (due to diet, lack of exercise, diabetes, etc.) to restore hemodynamic quality without chemicals (drugs)!

    The Cardio Innovative Systems Company

Our first Licensee: STENDOwelcomed within the Community Bpifrance Excellence For its growth potential

  • 1. Pulsatile pipe

    Licence available

    Disposable pulsatile pipe: easy to fit into a conventional ECC or ECMO desk to produce a quasi-physiological pulsatile flow to reduce considerably the rate of morbidity and mortality caused by the continuous flow provided by existing CEC.

    More than 700,000 CEC performed per annum in developed countries (North America, Europe and Japan).
    The pipe is a disposable device which will generate significant sales long term (the potential is about 1,000,000 units a year).
    It will considerably reduce the duration of stay in intensive care units after ECC or ECMO.

    2. Pulsatile catheter

    Licence available

    New circulatory assistance device: comprising a small diameter catheter the end of which is fitted with a small inflatable balloon introduced into the artery or vein and able to reach small vessels (adult, child, new-born baby and even foetus). The small balloon is pulsated (inflated and deflated) rhythmically to reproduce the physiological pulsation generated by cardiac contraction.

    Portfolio Item

    Emergency treatment of angina pectoris or myocardial infarction: (emergency ambulances, emergency services, cardiology services).
    treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension

    Portfolio Item

    3. Multi-layer pulsatile mask

    Licence sold except for China

    Comprising a mask fitted to the face connected to a desk controlled by a pulse detector. Progressive compressions synchronized with the diastole have an immediate effect by reduction of venous and lymphatic capacitance leading to a gradual and obvious improvement of the syndromes related to endothelial dysfunction and restoration of the tissues erasing the effects of premature ageing. Additional benefits are the acceleration of the penetration and the harmonious distribution of cosmetics due to the skin vasodilatation induced by the pulsation (increase of almost 300% in microcirculation measured by Doppler laser on the end of the nose after 20 minutes). .

    Medical: prevention of neurodegenerative pathologies with an ischemic component(Parkinson, Alzheimer)
    Beauty care: treatment of skin trophic disorders (wrinkles) by a physiological method and great improvement in the penetration of cosmetic products.
    Anti-aging treatment

  • Portfolio Item

    4. Pulsatile suits

    Licence sold except for China

    Our pulsatile suits enclose an intermediate layer filled with a fluid (gas) pulsated by a rhythmic console between two walls (a double flexible internal wall in contact with the skin, filled with gelatine, and a more resistant external support wall).

    A non-invasive-circulatory assistance system and an extremely effective physiological therapeutic method for the right heart needs. The result is a significant drop in infant and adult mortality and morbidity following heart failure whatever the cause. We think that its application will give better results than those obtained with current methods (nitrated derivative, anticoagulant, thrombolytic)..
    Cardiac surgery services, emergency ambulances, ambulances, operating rooms, intensive care services.

    Portfolio Item

    5. Pulsatile suits for general public

    Licence sold except for China

    Unlike other products already on this market (Jacuzzis, gymnic vibrators, compressive neoprene clothing, anti-g pants, etc.), our physiological concept is adapted to the hemodynamic needs of the circulatory system and the endothelial function.

    Fitness Club. Beauty institutes, retirement homes, long-haul flights (prevention of thromboembolic accidents by pulsatile boots).
    Preparation of top level athletes (physiological "doping"!) by restoring autonomous nervous system balance and fast elimination of muscular catabolism derivatives (lactic acid).

    Portfolio Item

    6. Cardiac Orthosis

    Licence available

    This is our most recent invention. The patent was registered in the USA in January 2011. It is a real alternative to cardiac prostheses (i.e. artificial hearts). This is a therapeutic process using all the different appliances described above to permit a patient suffering from cardiac insufficiency in the terminal phase and awaiting a histocompatible donor for a heart transplant to wait as long as necessary without the delicate hemodynamic problems created by existing circulatory assistance devices (haemolyse in particular).

    Our current development involves an orthosis (containing a pump and a pipe) easily placed around the neck approaching the heart (left-left device) from the right subclavian vein via the right auricle and the atrial septum and then after the puncture of the oxygenated blood by the peristaltic pump, reintroduction into the aorta of blood taken via the left subclavian artery after having made it cross our pipe in order to render it a character pulsatile.

    the venous return is enhanced by our pulsatile suits increasing the Right Ventricle preload and promoting the pulmonary circulation

The passion for high-level scientific collaborations

External researchers approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research
participating in the subcontracted research program 2013

Our Current Human Resources

Team Member

Raymond Pouget

Chairman of CIS, honorary lawyer, Holder of a DESS-DJCE of business law and taxation member of the Institute of the Advice of Tax Advice (IACF).
Specialist in mergers and acquisitions of corporate taxation and their executives..

Team Member

Professor Pierre Chastanier

Founder and first Chairman, Physicist engineer and Medical Doctor, Former Head of the Medical Biophysics Laboratory, Former Dean of the Saint-Etienne Medical School, Former Vice Chancellor of Jean Monnet University, Former Foreign Trade Adviser to the French Government, Former Scientific Adviser to the French Institut National des Hautes Etudes de Sécurité et de Justice (National Institute of Higher Safety Studies and Justice), reporting directly to the French Prime Minister), Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur

Team Member

Professor Olivier Bailliart

Medical Doctor, Doctor of Human Biology, Cardiologist and Haematologist, Lecturer at the University of Paris VII, functional explorations service at Lariboisière Hospital, Paris.

Team Member

Michel Dixmier

Creator of B to B service companies and innovative companies
specialist in innovation and industrial property marketing.
Co-founder and former president of the INNOVATRON company who has managed the "Smart Card" throughout the world.
In charge of relations with licensees.

Our first Licensee: STENDO

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